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3D printing

Trust our reliable experience with 3D printing. Whether you have the 3D model file designed by yourself, or if you need to print a model from Internet, such as Thingiverse, do not hesitate to contact us.

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3D Desing

We have top-level 3D designers who can help you prepare your print file, or directly create the 3D model from scratch. From a prototype for your next crowdfunding campaign to an essential product piece for your industrial business.

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3D Scanning

Following our search to satisfy the needs of our customers, we have launched the possibility of performing 3D scans for those situations in which traditional 3D design may not meet the quality standards we seek.

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FDM, Resin and Casting Technology

We use plastic filament fusion printers ( FDM ). This technology is the best option for most cases that require optimal results while keeping the cost within budget. Likewise, we are working on expanding our printers with resin printing technology.

Multiple Materials

We work with the most reliable materials. From PLA, a very widespread plastic in the 3D world due to its ease of use and low cost, ABS with magnetic properties or even fire resistance, PETG + Carbon Fiber, to materials such as PP polypropylene, ASA filaments, and flexible filaments. Everything ready to fulfill what our clients need.

Profesional Finish

Our mission is to bring 3D printing and 3D design that traditional industrial design cannot reach. We commit ourselves to our customers to carry out our activity with all professionalism and keep up to date with new trends and technologies. Therefore, we offer the best finish in our work. Pieces with thin layers, polished finish, or even painted pieces. Just tell us what you need.

Top Customer Experience

We are customer focus... 100%...period. If customers are happy, we are happy. We love challenges. If there is something difficult, we do not shrink, we look for a way to make it possible. We will do the best job we can. Through our form, you can explain what you need. And if you have any questions, the email is available 24/7.

what we do

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